Heavy Duty Towing

The JD Towing Service heavy-duty fleet includes a state-of-the-art trucks and equipment allowing our operators to hand Multi Ton Tows and recovery jobs. 

Our equipment allows us to easily tow and recover any heavy vehicle — whether broken-down on the roadside or overturned on a busy interstate. We also provide air cushion recovery to upright trailers without the need to off-load cargo, site and hazardous materials clean-up and load shift and load transfer services. 

We tow and recover semis, cement mixers, buses, motor homes and more, and can professionally handle any situation. Our equipment allows us to lift vehicles and equipment to relocate them on-site, or place them on our specialized trailers for transport. 

We provide heavy equipment hauling for construction equipment, buses, RVs, motor coaches, forklifts, and more. Our Heavy Duty Tow service can handle any job or transporst so be sure to give us a call at 480-234-0987

  • Tow and Recover Heavy Dutie Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Equimpent Hauling
  • Construction equipment, buses, RV's, 
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